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“What is sacred in art is beauty. “(Simone Weil)

Beauty was not contemplated in the schools I followed in post-Communist Romania. They did not teach us aesthetics, beauty, artistic design, culture or the history of art. Fortunately, I now live in a country where art is present everywhere. I confess that taste, sensitivity, time and travel have helped me to get closer and closer to art and I am convinced that it is the only universal language. The passion that makes you enter a museum or a gallery, the curiosity to discover everything on topics related to art, the so-called ‘hunger’ for knowledge in this area are the reasons why it was born, 14 years ago, the collaboration with Gino Rossi, gallery owner, curator and collector. I have come to understand that there is more and more in the art that you will face, I have learned to consider how it has been shaped by its time, by its creator and to find a context for it in the world. For me, art means integration, inclusion, knowledge and socialization. Thanks to art, beauty is infinite.

We can achieve perfection through art and only with art, art, and nothing but art, can offer us a refuge against the sordid dangers of existence!” (Oscar Wilde)

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