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“The only real journey towards discovery consists not in the search for new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

My greatest passion is TRAVEL, discover the world and experience new realities. For ME, traveling is experiencing, being overwhelmed by a myriad of sensations and feelings that mix: love, friendship, torments, serenity, quiet, happiness, nostalgia, present and past, everything and nothing.

Traveling is laughing and crying, crying with happiness; while traveling I am moved because I can finally express what I feel. Traveling makes me dizzy due to the abundance of thoughts; while traveling my senses are at their peak, I feel emotions that I did not even know I could live, let alone share. While traveling there is always a photo that you could take but NO, you don’t take it, you keep it for YOU to tell it only to those who will appreciate it!

TRAVEL WITH ME, let yourself be inspired and let us help you create the right itinerary for YOU!

“Travel not only broadens the mind, it shapes it.” Bruce Chatwin

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