My Italy


I will tell you about my Rome, different from anything you may have already seen or read. My Rome is different because I experienced it, first of all, as a tourist. A young girl, recently graduated, arrived by chance in the most beautiful city in the world, in the most beautiful country in the world and then as a Roman, by adoption, because I decided to make it home. Rome is an open-air museum, a city with a thousand faces, indeed, infinite I would dare to say, given that despite having lived it for 15 years I do not know it  entirely. This is why Rome remains mysterious, eternal; the air you breath here is unique, you would not find it anywhere. I will show you Rome in all its magnificence, you will get excited and inspired. An avalanche of feelings will hit you, past and present mix to the point of overwhelming you. I will take you to discover Roman cuisine in places that often remain hidden from tourists, after having admired the city from above, from its many magnificent terraces, we will have lunch by the sea, after visiting Ostia Antica, and we will taste some excellent olive oils and native wines directly from local producers. And, why not, since we are in the land of fashion and good taste, we will go shopping walking from one shop to another on the streets of the Trident.

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