My Italy


MY SARDINIA is immense, infinite.

My Sardinia goes beyond the Costa Smeralda, runs through the splendid beaches and rocky promontories in north and north-west, and reaches the warmer waters of the south, where the emerald sea becomes crystalline blue in which wild sandy dunes reflect. I will take you to Maddalena and Caprera, to Stintino, to the hispanic Alghero, to the wonderful Carloforte and the colorful Bosa. I will show you the lagoons and dunes of the south of the island and we will walk together on the narrow streets of a hidden Cagliari. And from coast to coast, from north to south, I will introduce you to the real Sardinia, that of the hinterland: gorges, caves and limestone heels like the Novo San Giovanni and Fumani mountains, will stand out in front of you in an imposing way; eagles make their nests on the peaks of Mount Su Biu; and then there are the Canyon of Gorroppu and the sinkhole Su Suercone, where the earth has created a chasm 200 meters deep and 400 wide.

Sardinia, unique, infinite, the true earthly paradise!

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